The Key to Achieving Professional and Personal Fulfilment May Be Closer Than You Think…
Advance Your Career, Get the Edge Over Your Competition, and Make FAST, DEEP, PRACTICAL, LASTING Impact With Every Interaction!

Chris Ruymbeke
I'll take it into practice immediately

"For me the part on 'how to close the deal' was what jumped out the most.

I'll definitely study everything later again... and again, but will take it in practice immediately!"
The Impact Academy presents SELLING With Impact, NEGOTIATING With Impact, and SPEAKING With Impact.

Discover how achieving the complete professional package can benefit your life, career, and personal success – no matter what industry or business you are in.

  •  Struggling to get the growth, recognition, or respect you know you deserve in the business arena?
  •  Frustrated at not being able to progress from where you are currently?
  •  Waking up and going to bed stressed each and every day?
All that means is that you don’t have the right toolbox yet, but The Impact Academy is here to change that for you. Using the proven SNS (Speak, Negotiate, Sell) System, you can make you and your business stand out – 
REALLY making an impact.
My name is Ronald De Keersmaeker
I'm an international negotiator and founder of Dixit International and via The Impact Academy, I’m going to teach you the structures and tools you need to achieve your professional speaking, negotiating and selling goals.
Before founding Dixit International in 2014 I worked on the starting up of new businesses and closing partnerships in China, Malaysia, Singapore, and India, as well as developing business and educating high potentials and high level managers all over Europe. 

These days I specialise as a coach and trainer in sales and negotiating techniques, body language and public speaking.
When you become one of our clients, you’re guaranteed to see an immediate and tangible improvement in all of your personal and business transactions – ready for whatever situations life may throw at you and on your way to incredible business and professional growth.
We made our investment back in ONE week!
Peter-Jan Criel
Introducing The Impact Academy’s  Incredible Three Part Programme…
The 7 Steps of Professional Public Speaking... 
95% of people would rather miss a business or personal growth opportunity than speak to an audience. That’s a scary statistic, isn’t it?
If you’re one of the 95%, just imagine what you’re missing out on – it’s no use having a great idea if you’re too nervous to communicate it, after all. Speaking with impact can make or break your career, whether you like it or not. 
You’ll learn strategies to overcome any fear or trepidation of public speaking you might have, increasing your confidence, and letting you communicate with ease in any situation. Our teaching methods are applicable to any speaking opportunity, whether a public speech, a business presentation, or convincing people in a meeting. With our help you’ll be centre stage in no time.

How To Get From a 3S to a 3C Deal... 
You might think you’re OK at negotiating – but going from OK to great will change your life in so many ways, not least financially. In fact, becoming a GREAT negotiator might well be the most important skill you can learn in life. Think about it - how much of a difference would it have for the rest of your life if you could be even just 10% better at negotiation?
You might also think that however good (or bad!) your negotiating skills are right now, you’re stuck with it, but that’s not true. You can easily learn to be a great negotiator – all you need is a systemised roadmap, a proven success formula that works for you, always, everywhere, in all circumstances.
You’ll learn impactful techniques, such as powerful body language and reading other people’s signals, to negotiate and secure the deals that are important to you. End every negotiation in everyone’s favour, ESPECIALLY yours.

The Golden Sales Circle... 
Sales is the lifeblood of any business, so if you can reach the heights of sales success, you’ll have so much in the palm of your hand.
But…HOW do you sell? Do you know the exact steps to make, in a reactive or in a proactive sales conversation? Or what the ideal structure you should be following is? How will you tackle different objections?
You’ll learn effective sales techniques, unique buying reasons, and your own unique selling points. We will teach you how to pinpoint each one and communicate them using the basics of sales psychology. You’ll also learn how to make the best first impression and how to employ proactive selling methods. Do you want to increase your turnover? Do you want new customers consistently?

Sales is your foundation, and this training can make the difference between winning and losing!

I feel a much better negotiator now

"I feel a much better negotiator right now, having defined myself the goal to easily increase my margins with 12%"
Kris Vermeulen
All you need to realise your goals is a drive to succeed 
and The Impact Academy...
The Impact Academy is made up of three parts, and you can choose whether you want to sign up for one or all three components, depending on your own specific needs. They’re delivered via impactful video lessons that you can refer back to time and time again, as well as a practical toolkit for each video lesson.
Whichever module or modules you choose, you’ll be learning techniques that last a lifetime. All we ask is that you invest 24 hours of your time (studying at your own pace). We will teach you proven, practical systems that you will have for the rest of your life.

You’ll soon be giving yourself what you deserve – an even 
better version of you that has MAXIMUM impact!
All my sales people need to study this

"All my sales people will need to study the Golden Sales Circle before they visit another customer!"                                                                 
An Warrens
The model made such a huge difference for me.
Gunther Van de Velde
I have a powerful strategic approach

"Finally I can structure everything, having a powerful strategic and operational approach in my market".

Excited to find out more?

Here’s just a taster of what each course from The Impact Academy contains:
Speaking With Impact:
The 7 Steps of Professional Public Speaking
  • Are you the type to jump out or stay hidden? This module asks you the ‘IF’ question and you’ll learn that value - true value! - comes from a combination of performance AND content and you’ll find out why a systematic approach is needed.        This is where you prepare for greatness.
  • Starting with the end in mind, you’ll set your own personal goal and look at the audience, the field and the location. Finally, what’s the worst thing that could happen? The ‘so what’ test will have you looking at speaking with a new confidence and in a whole new way. 

  • MOVE
  • Before you start speaking with impact, do you understand what speaking is all about? Discover the ‘golden triangle’ and learn why having two sides of the brain is no coincidence. In order to be a successful speaker, you’ll need to understand audience advocacy, give a convincing argument, and be able to harness the power of language. On the flip side, playing with the audience and being able to use humour can be just as crucial!
  • Here you’ll search for...and find...the skeleton backbone of your message and the roadmap to creating content, tying it together to ensure the best possible flow. 
  • The two most important parts of your presentation - make sure you cover the four steps of a fantastic beginning and enjoy the eleven methods to kick-off your first TWO magnificent sentences. And finally, the ending - we’ll teach you the methods to get your best end ever and finish on a HIGH!
  • Storytelling is crucial in any type of public speaking, and we break down the path of effective storytelling for you.
  • How you represent yourself plays a huge part in your impact, and I’m not just talking about what you’re wearing. Learn about body language, voice and tonality, using your support, how to use attributes and how to work with slides. The result? Perfection for you, your audience and the location.
  • Find the drive you need to speak in a powerful way, using positive mental attitude, the power of visualisation and verbalisation, passion, enthusiasm and external focus. 
  • Q&A
  • How to deal with Q&A sessions - they’re not as scary as you might think!
Negotiating With Impact: 
How To Get From a 3S to a 
3C Deal
  • First of all, define your USP in any negotiation. Here you’ll look at you and your company, your opponent and ‘the case’. Using your point A and B you can hone in on your target and grab your opponent’s interest.

  • Are you ready to begin? Never underestimate the power of a first impression - and in this module you’ll learn the four rules of body language as well as how and why you make a first impression that counts. You’ll also discover how to use LSG (Listen/Summarise/Go Further) and UBR (Unique Buying Reasons). If you want to come out on top in any negotiation you need to strike first, lead the other person’s expectations and have a full presence throughout proceedings. 

  • Learn the secrets to relating to and having a GOOD discussion with your negotiating partner, including the importance of firm attitude and language, how and when to assess priorities and make concessions and how to measure the power balance. This module includes creating your very own negotiation MATRIX - giving you the skills to succeed no matter the situation!
  •       "Silence is golden" - that may seem a strange quote to use in terms of negotiation, but it can be very powerful! Learn exactly why and when silence can be golden in a negotiation, as well as the cost of a reduction, how to deal with reflex objections and how to win together.
  • Conflict during negotiation can sometimes lead all parties to a dead end street and in this module you’ll learn both the power of and value of the impasse. But how do you get out of a dead end street and come back together? 
  • Closing the DEAL is of course your ultimate aim, so here you’ll reflect on borderlines, go back to the beginning and understand the plus of an agreement. We’ll take you through a number of successful methods to close in all favours... especially yours! 
  • Finally, you’ll go through a self-assessment where you get to know your own personal style as a negotiator. You will also learn the neat trick that lets you discover other people’s typologies, and connect with them.

Selling With Impact: 
The Golden Sales Circle
  • As always, you MUST start with your vision... What is your vision financially, professionally, on relations, and on health?  Who are you and why do you do what you do? You’ll need to ask yourself a number of questions...time to find out which ones.
  • There’s an art form to finding high-quality prospects and it starts with you identifying your ideal customer. Once that’s done, we go through filling your first pipeline, qualifying your customers and customer relationship management.
  • This module includes incredibly successful methods of generating valuable leads, including eight arrows to aim at your target and a guide to both quality and quantity - because you know you need both, right?
  • And here it is - making contact! We’ll go through the cold entry and the cold call, as well as teaching you the right way to plan your visits. By the way, do you like cold calling? Don’t worry, here’s your script and we’ll create your Golden Page together.
  • What does your customised visit report look like? What do you do to make a great first impression? Find out the best possible way – your PAT system - to open your business conversation. You are about to find out why so many people fail during the opening stage, ruining the sale forever.
  • Asking questions is an art. Here you’ll pick up how to do this precisely. You will deal with the SPIN technique (Neil Rackham) and learn the psychology behind convincing people and making decisions.
  • Take the best proactive sales method home with you after this chapter. Now having both reactive and proactive ways, you will find out what’s really making the biggest possible impact.
  • That’s why we are in sales, right? To close the deal! You’ll be introduced to the greatest mistake in sales. Work on your mindset and study these new closing techniques!

PLUS.... you'll get Practical Toolboxes for each module:
I earned my money back twice in a day

“The SNS system is a financial no-brainer. I earned back my money twice the very same day!”
Lieven Bernaers
Dominique Brouwers and
Jo Derycke
The SNS system gives us all we need.

“The full SNS system is giving us all we need in business: we speak, we negotiate ... and we SELL with impact!"
The Sales System will help me

"The sales system will help me outline my next acquisition!"                                                                                        
Wim Boven

So are you prepared to jump out and make an impact, or do you want to continue to stay hidden?

Option 1
Select ONE of the modules below: 
  •  The 7 Steps of Professional Public Speaking
  •  How To Get From a 3S to a 3C Deal
  •  The Golden Sales Circle
(including VAT)
Option 2
Get all THREE of the modules below: 
  •  The 7 Steps of Professional Public Speaking
  •  How To Get From a 3S to a 3C Deal
  •  The Golden Sales Circle
 FOR JUST €820
(including VAT)
I'm not afraid any more

“I'm not afraid anymore... Having my own powerful pitch is working miracles!"                        
Anneke Bal
Marc Maes
You get very concrete road-maps

"I especially like the style: you get very concrete road-maps on how to get to maximum sales, speaking and negotiation impact, with more than enough room for your own personality."
We're now confident speaking in front of people

"Speaking in front of a group is now something we will face in full confidence!"
Ann Van Hove and
Luc Cleys
If you’re ready to maximise your professional potential, you’re ready to sign up for The Impact Academy…and if you’re not convinced it’s right for you once you’ve signed up, you pay absolutely NOTHING!
Yes, you read that right…
If you don’t think your course(s) from The Impact Academy will give you exactly what you need to maximise your impact, or you’re unhappy for any reason at all, we’ll refund 100% of your money! All you have to do is let us know within 30 days, and that’s it.
When you look at it like that, signing up for The Impact Academy is a completely risk-free decision, so why wait?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
 – Or Your Money Back 
    Within 30 Days! 

Selling, negotiation, and speaking are all crucial aspects of ourselves when it comes to being as successful as possible – so don’t let a lack of confidence or skills in any of these areas hold you back.
Still not sure whether it’s for you? Don’t forget that thanks to our 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee, you can sign up for any of the three courses from The Impact Academy with absolutely no risk involved!
To your future impact,
Ronald De Keersmaeker
The Impact Academy 
I now know exactly what to do!

"Ronald brought me the inspiration and the energy to get into action, and I know exactly what to do!"                                                                            
Chantal Maes
Tim Goossens
Speaking with impact makes or breaks my career

"Speaking with impact is what makes or breaks my career: thank you for the 7 steps of professional public speaking!"
Follow Ronald's roadmaps to success!

"Thanks for the selfie! The event was great and finally I know how precisely to negotiate!

Follow Ronald's roadmaps towards success!

Tori De Wilde
Peter Mettepenningen
A clever approach in so many ways

"A clever approach in so many ways, makes the big difference. Thanks for the SNS system!"
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